Welcome to Aitkin Legion Post 86

General Meetings continue to be on the Second Thursday of each month at 7 pm!  It's a great way to support the Post!  Hope to see you there!

Have you ever wondered exactly what does the American Legion Auxiliary do?  Just keep reading to find out----

Auxiliary members, please keep track of the hours that you spend doing volunteer work in the community!  The Auxiliary receives recognition at conferences and conventions for the total hours doing community service.   Linda A has the forms  to help you record all the hours.

Our veterans are the main focus of our service, but we also support local schools, other veteran groups and our community.

There are 40 veterans in Aitkin that  receive a monthly visit from members of the Auxiliary.  We try to brighten their day with smiles, visiting, a greeting card and maybe a small gift.  We'd love to have you join us.

There are many ways to help veterans and the Auxiliary Ladies certainly go above and beyond.  On May 14 about 11 am the Auxiliary will be making their visits, along with a special presentation of Quilts of Valor!  Each quilt is hand made by Ripple River Quilters, again the ladies auxiliary supports the purchase of materials for there amazing quilts.  At May's FIRST FRIDAY DINNER,  May 3rd, FOUR Quilts of Valor will be given to veterans.  There have been several quilts given to our veterans this past year.
Do you know what the Eagles' Nest is?  It a special translation housing facility in Redwood Falls for homeless veterans.  So when you are in the Post, stop by the pop corn machine and look for the container filled with various Items.  Those items are for Our Veterans at Eagles' Nest.  Any items of personal care, toiletries, etc are very
much appreciated!  Let's fill that container at least once a week.  Aitkin County's Service Officer, Penny Harms, has bags for veterans in need of a little help.  Each bag has a value of about $25 worth Household Cleaning Supplies, Paper items like toilet paper and paper towels, Personal Hygiene Items, etc,  The Auxiliary financially supports Penny with a $200 donation every three months!  
Just about everyone is familiar with the American Legion's Poppy program.  This is another program with which the  Ladies Auxiliary supports our veterans.  All funds raised through the distribution of poppies goes 100% to help veterans!  Let's make sure all businesses and every person has poppies to show their support of our nation's veterans!

The local school district is another place where the Post and Auxiliary can be seen helping out.  The Auxiliary is proud to donate to a local student to help expenses to attend Girls State in St. Paul.  Money for a T-shirt and other expenses is also made available.  The Student will be visiting the May meeting to let us know what she learned while there.  This young lady has also qualified for the National Business Professional Association competition.  The Auxiliary is helping her fund raising with a $150 donation!

On Wednesday May 1, Awards Night at the High School, Outstanding Boy and Girls with a monetary donation to each.  The American Legion Scholarship will also be presented that evening as well!  

Bet you are surprise at all the many ways the Auxiliary and the American Legion support veterans, schools and our community.

Come join us!  We work hard and we have FUN, too!  So don't miss out.  Attend the meeting on 2nd Thursday of May--October.